Rvitia LUXURY RV Rentals

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Luxury RV Rentals

When it comes to Luxury Recreational Vehicles, Rvitia RV Rentals assures you that we can deliver. If you want to rent an RV, you must know that there is an assortment of RVs you can choose from. They are diversified in built, in size, and in features. Your choice may depend on the size of your group and the experience you want to enjoy. Rvitia RV Rentals wants you to have a safe trip and enjoy it in luxury. You can contact us anytime. Call telephone No.__________, or Email us @___________.

RV Classifications

Generally, RVs are classified into two. The Class A RVs and the Class C RVs.


If you are overwhelmed by a wide array of RVs, you need to know some basic and practical information to help you decide what to choose.
The bigger the RV, the higher the rental fee, but the grander the trip.
RVs are categorized as motorized and towable. Class A RVs are motorized, and so, passengers can expect to travel in comfort and luxury with all the state-of-the-art amenities to enjoy. These types of RVs are safer to travel. They are the most popular today in the United States.
Class A RVs are like 5-in-one coffee (but not as cheap) with which you can enjoy equally important ingredients in one sachet because in Class A RVs, you have transportation, accommodation, entertainment, dining, and comfort integrated in just one RV Rental.
Class A RVs are either front engine gas models or rear mounted diesel models which are commonly known as diesel pushers.
Class A diesel pusher RVs are the best and the most luxurious in RV Rentals. If you want to experience luxury in a high-end RV, come to Rvitia RV Rentals.
These Class A RVs are bus-type. They are huge and some are up to 45 feet in length, they either are flat-nosed or have rounded flat ends. They have one-piece windshields that can give you a better view of the sceneries.
Class A RVs are usually expandable to give you more space because they are generally equipped with slide outs. They have high-quality floorings, solid wood closets, stainless steel appliances, and smart TV with home theater system. With these amenities, you will forget you are not in your own homes.
Class A RVs have ample storage, outdoor showers, push-button awnings. You can even enjoy barbecue with the provided outdoor grill in the extended space you can use as patio.
Class A RVs are built to ensure maximum safety. With its powerful engines, difficult terrains are not to worry.
With their size and bulk, you may think they are not easy to handle, but on the contrary, they are very light and smooth to maneuver for they are equipped with power steering device.


They are the most common in RV rentals hence, they are the most affordable. They come between 21-35 feet in length. These types are hard to handle. They have poor center of gravity which can result to a not-so-comfortable ride. Windy days can be an ordeal for the driver. You can even feel it sway under you.
Because of its heavy frame and of its light-duty chassis, there a higher risk of mechanical breakdown and system failure, giving you more reason not to fully enjoy your trip.
Flat tires are a common problem with Class C RVs because they have smaller tires and can hardly compensate for its weight.
Class C RV amenities are simple and basic. You can not expect a fancy one. Just a standard of everything. It has limited water storage, and small holding tanks which may contribute a little discomfort and inconvenience.
Class C RVs are an option if you want shorter trips that will only last for a few days, in a not so challenging places. With this types of RV you can surely save money but just make sure it is worth it.


Safety, quality, and luxury means Class A RVs, but for economic reasons and a not too risky destination, you can opt for a Class C RV rental.
Most of the time, the price says it all. Class A RV rentals may be expensive but it is worth it all.
Renting Class A RVs are like buying first class plane tickets.


If you want comfort and class in your road trip, rent a Class A RV. Check out for RVs that match your needs and preferences.
Rvitia RV Rentals can help you choose and decide what to rent and what RV suits your taste.
Rvitia RV Rentals provides Recreational Vehicles of different types. If you want to experience a luxurious travel on a Recreational Vehicle, come or contact Rvitia RV Rentals.
Feel free to ask questions and we will provide you all the answers you need. To be of service, is our pleasure.