Rvitia Consignment Program

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Rvitia Consignment Program

If you want a reliable and flourishing RV rental agency to handle your RV you have stopped at the right place.  After 6 years in the vacation rental business we are now excited to bring our expertise to the RV market.  We pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to timeshare owners and now we are doing the same for RV’s!

We can assure you that Rvitia RV Rentals will manage and maintain all RV units with the highest possible standard. 

RV Rental Program Information Request

If you own an RV, be it of an old model or the latest one, and you want to know how much revenue you can get from our Rental Program, just fill out this form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.  You can also Call/Text us at 833.589.3787 for immediate service.  We look forward to a prosperous relationship with you!


Benefits of the Revenue

If you are an RV owner and not much of a traveler, then you may think that you are not using your RV enough to be worth owning one. If you have an RV just left sitting idly, and costs you much in maintenance fees, then enroll your  RV for rental at Rvitia RV Rentals.

RVs enrolled at Rvitia RV Rentals generally receives 25-27 weeks of rentals. This way, the revenue it generates can already offset the cost for the maintenance of your RV. More so, it can cover for the cost of ownership.

Tax Benefits

In enrolling your recreational vehicles at Rvitia RV Rentals, you may qualify for a significant tax deductions such as depreciation and other operating expenses.
Depreciation: Each unit is computed of depreciation allowance charged to expenses. This is based on the estimated life of your RV. The usual is 5 years. It could in a straight-line method or a fixed rate. Either way, you can take at least 50% of your taxes.
Expenses such as insurance premiums and maintenance costs, can also be deducted from your annual taxes.

Enrollment Process

You can enroll at Rvitia RV Rentals with ease. All you have to do, is own an RV. The rest will be taken care of by Rvitia RV Rentals. We have the experience and the clientele. We have the most rigid screening process. Rvitia RV Rentals will manage your RV, collect the rental fees for you, provide you with an itemized statement, and commissions are made ready for you monthly. Call us at #___________ & Email us @__________ and enroll now.

Questions about Consignment asked Frequently

RV owners are really concerned about how their recreational vehicles are handled by renters. The renter is responsible for all damages or anything not good as a result of misuse of your RV. The only exception is the normal wear and tear of maintenance parts.

Screening – Before renters can get hold of your RV, they will undergo a strict screening. All personal information about them will be verified. A thorough background check will be conducted.

Training – When a renter is approved, an expanded training is given. Renters are briefed about the RV they are renting and required to sign a checklist of safety standards and orientation they have undergone before they can check-out the rented RV. This is to ensure that they are well aware of the condition of the RV that they are renting.

Policies & Procedures – Every renter is required to sign a copy of Rvitia RV Rentals Policies after reading its terms and conditions. This is for the protection of the RV,  its owners, and our agency.

The Policy clearly states the responsibilities of the renter and penalties are defined in cases when some of the policies are not adhered or violated.

Condition – Every RV is in pristine condition. It is thoroughly checked based on all recreational vehicles maintenance checklist for road trips. The check-out is documented by photographs and videos before it is dispatched. This is to ensure that the renter is aware of the condition of the rented RV before it goes. Renters are made to sign that they receive the unit in good condition and agrees to return it in the same condition. In cases wherein they fail to refill the fuel and clean the RV, no reason to worry. We will refill the fuel, clean the RV, and charge you with the appropriate additional fees.

When there is a time when you need to use your RV already enrolled at Rvitia RV Rentals, you can call us anytime, and we will reserve the RV for you.

If your RV is already booked, we will give you the option to decide. To keep the rental or to move the booking to another RV.

Rvitia RV Rentals have strict maintenance procedures and policies. Upon enrollment, your RV informations are encoded in our database. The frequency of performing the maintenance of your RV is included. The moment we received your RV,  its mileage is noted. When a renter picks it up, its mileage is logged and actual mileage upon return is again recorded.

Our computer system has a reminder for maintenance schedules such as oil change, fluid check, tire check, and check on all onboard facilities.

The NO SMOKING policy should be strictly adhered. Rvitia RV Rentals has the test and the way of knowing if you smoke inside the RV. If proven that you violated the policy, you can be excessively charged of $1000 or more for damages smoking may cause. Smoke-smelling RVs will take time to be rented again, or not at all.

The renter or a designated driver of the renter are the only ones permitted to drive the rented RV. The driver must not be younger than 25 years of age. All personal informations of the driver is required. Driver’s license must be checked and verified. The renter must understand that negligence on the part of the designated driver that may cause damage to the rented RV, will be the renter’s responsibility.