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RV Owners


Our goal is to help 30,000 retirees and families monetize their unused RV days. The average RV owners use theirs less than 21 days per year if they are lucky. With the new sharing economy it is now possible for RV owners to make substantial income with their moving home.


All you need to do is supply the RV and a few other items and we will partner with you to provide a steady stream of passive income

Many people are making small fortunes off of their homes or vacation homes on Airbnb and Homeaway currently. While there are many property managers for Real Estate their is not very many companies that manage RV rentals. We help you take advantage of this booming market with our full white glove service.


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Monetizing your RV

Our RV’s while amazing especially when first bought can quickly become burdensome and expensive. Either that or you dont use it as much as you thought you would and in some cases you may have bought a new one already before selling the old one. In any of these scenarios our consignment rental program could be your best answer.

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Make Passive Income

In retirement or while you are working it is important to have assets that can produce consistent cash flow. Many families are short on money when they retire so bringing in extra money either in or before retirement can be of a tremendous help. With Airbnb being more popular than Hilton 

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What are the Tax Benefits?

In addition to earning income and offsetting the costs of RV ownership, you may qualify for substantial tax benefits including depreciation, claiming business expenses, and even accelerated depreciation. Expenses – You’ll be able to deduct insurance premiums, maintenance costs

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