Do Rvitia RV Rentals provide pre-trip training for RV renters?

-Rvitia RV Rentals representative will brief you on all safety standards in the operation of your rented RV. You will be trained in detail how to enjoy maximum use of its amenities. Even if you are already on the road, you can still contact us for more questions and further clarifications.

What is the age limit for a renter to drive a rented RV?

-For you to be qualified to drive a rented RV, it is normally not younger than 25 years of age.

Does Rvitia RV Rentals accepts payments by credit cards?

– We accept credit cards listed below:
Master Card
American Express

Is my RV rental covered by insurance?

-You must purchase the insurance on the RV through our website

Is smoking allowed inside your RV?

-We do not allow smoking inside the RV if we ascertain there has been smoking inside the RV lot on your trip there is a S2000 cleaning fee charged that you will be responsible for.

Is there any extra services you can offer other than RV rentals?

-we offer a RV trip planning concierge service for additional fees you can also work with our sister company Vacations Simplified to help you arrange vacation rentals to assist you before picking up the RV or dropping it off

Why is renting an RV more advantageous than other means of taking a trip?

-It is more economical if you rent an RV rather than just fly in especially if you are with a large group. By renting an RV you can save a lot from air fares, hotel accommodations, meals, and rental cars.